Private Care Management

We can assist with the big decisions regarding aging. These decisions may include choosing assisted livings, nursing homes, or home care. Our counselors are able to advocate and counsel, serve as a liaison to long-distance caregivers, and create a plan that utilizes available resources. We specialize in providing caregiving alternatives and solutions for older people and their families. We can guide you through the confusing maze of healthcare alternatives available and save families hours of time locating and coordinating services.

Employer Benefits

We offer an Eldercare Information and Referral program for your employees that can support them as adult caregivers. Time and productivity can be lost when employees are taken away form their job for caregiving needs of an older adult. With national information and the ability to support employees during non-working hours, we have successfully assisted companies in supporting the working caregivers. We offer personal and responsive information via nation-wide toll free phone number, personalized caregiver packets and regular articles on topics of educational importance.

We’ll Help You Get Started

We begin with an initial assessment. We meet the individual and their family/caregivers in their home. With this assessment then recommendations are given for future involvement from the geriatric care manager as well as other community resources. From that point on, we are available as much or as little as is needed or requested. Because we are independent of any agency or facility, you can be assured you are receiving subjective information and recommendations based on you or your loved ones specific needs.

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