About Us

Senior Management Services, located in Central Pennsylvania, is an organization comprised of geriatric care managers who specialize in providing caregiving alternatives and solutions for older people and their families. We can guide you through the confusing maze of healthcare alternatives available and save families hours of time locating and coordinating services.

Since 1990, Senior Management Services has been providing eldercare management for older persons all across Central Pennsylvania. At SMS, we recognize that sometimes those we love and care about aren’t always right down the street; sometimes they aren’t even in the same state. Sometimes you need the peace of mind knowing that someone is keeping an eye on your loved ones even when you can’t always be there.

Our geriatric care managers work with older persons in their homes to assess their needs and community options. We offer advice and counseling to caregivers, and support to individuals residing in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Eldercare could also be an option for you if you live a significant distance from your older loved ones.

Let Us Help!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the stress and decision making that is involved with caregiving?

Are you a long-distance caregiver who wants to make sure your older family member’s needs are being taken care of when you cannot be there?

Are you an older person who wants to discuss long-range plans or learn about your options?

Are you planning for an older loved one but don’t know where to start or where to turn?

Work team

  • Laura Enslen
    Laura Enslen has a bachelor’s degree from Elizabethtown College in social work...
  • Dr. Peggy McFarland
    Dr. Peggy McFarland co-founded Senior Management Services in 1990. She is a...
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